Clasped Focused
Two-Tone Necklace
Thin Bead Necklaces with Magnetic Clasp

Minimalist Clasp in Silver
Last Chance

Clasp Focused,
Stone Necklaces

Choclate Moonstone Necklace Lapis Lazuli Necklace Moonstone Necklace Choclate Moonstone Necklace
on hand Labradorite necklace with Magnetic twotone clasp


Choclate Moonstone Necklace Two-Tone

Oval medallion Necklace with gold donut and a diamond Labradorite Necklace with Sterling Silver Clasp necklace necklace with tahitaian pearl drop Oval silver Necklace with Tahitian Pearl drop
One-of-a-kind Necklace. Red Rutil in Quartz
Quartz with InclusionsOne-of-a-kind necklace.

Necklace with small gold detail
round pendant larriat  - Jewelry made by Birgit Kupke-Peyla
Pearl Necklace
Necklace - Jewelry made by Birgit Kupke-Peyla buy-NO015-20.htmlbuy-NO015-20.html



Thin Bead Necklaces,
Two-Tone with Magnetic

Royal Beauty Turquoise Chrysocolla Necklace Chrysocolla Necklace Hematite Necklace Hematite Necklace
Blue Opal Necklace Grey Pearl Necklace Silver Grey Pearl Necklace Bronze Pearl Necklace Bronze Pearl Necklace Champagne Garnet Necklace
Chrysoprase Peridot Necklace Botswana Agate Necklace Labradorite Necklace Labradorite Necklace
Aquamarine Necklace Aquamarine Necklace Green Garnet Necklace Green garnet Necklace London Blue Topas Necklace Blue Topas Necklace Moss Aquamarine necklace Moss Aquamarine Necklace
Tanzanite Necklace Tanzanite Necklace Iolite Necklace Iolite Necklace    

Minimalist Clasp
in Sterling Silver

Apatite necklace Labradorite Lapis Lazuli Necklace
Pearl Necklace on hand pearl necklace Pearl Necklace
Pearl Necklace      


LAST CHANCE A collection of items that are retiring soon. Save on the final few ( before they're gone for good).

Lodalite necklace  Small Gold Circle Necklace  necklace
These pieces of my collection are made with Gold and Sterling Silver. Work listed at the top of the page is currently available
and can be purchased online! Feel free to DM me. To see my jewelry in person, please check my Show Schedule
Labradorite Necklace with Sterling Silver Clasp Labradorite necklace with Magnetic twotone clasp

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round stud earring Coral Navette Earrings jewelry kupkepeyla slim twotone ring wide dot ring Slim twotone ring wih diamonds Twotone ring with dark stripes twotone ring with dark lines cushion square ring in gold and silver with five diamonds set off to one side gold and silver striped band in a cushion square shape silver ring with low cut areas that are dark Lapis Lazuli necklacce